Thursday, March 27, 2014

By Kristin

I'd never heard of Dark Heart Designs until I stumbled upon their shop one (probably) rainy afternoon. A little surprising since they've been in business since 2010 and they have a 5000+ followers on their Facebook page.

They have a bit of an odd online presence. There's the Dark Heart Designs website which seems to just exist to be a page of links to social media and to their storenvy page. To see their actual products, it's better to go to the storenvy page where products are listed by product type and/or collection.

Super cute! Dark Heart Designs goes all the way with stamps and a seal on the actual package and then all of my sample jars came in a branded canvas baggie.

I wish that the sample baggies had the Dark Heart Designs name on them just because they can get a little mixed up in my stash of sample bags but other than that, I thought that the packaging was excellent.


Dark Heart Designs offers several kinds of products. They have the standard mineral eyeshadows and blushes but they also offer gel eyelinerslip slicks (glosses), lip sticksprimers, and shimmery serums. They're also one of the only indies I've ever seen to make an indie mascara.

Unfortunately, much of their stock seems to be perpetually on "Preorder" or "Sold Out" status. I definitely appreciate letting people know that an item is sold out but it's disappointing that so much of their content is listed as such.

Eyeshadows samples in clamshells can be purchased for $1.50 each or samples of all the eyeshadows can be bulk purchased for $75. I received two sample baggies with my order though these don't seem to be listed as a sale item. Other kinds of products are not offered in a sample size.

I like the clamshells that the eyeshadows come in. They're taller than the usual flat clamshell and there's less spillage when opening them. However, I find them a little harder to open.

Swatch from this post!
I have only tried their eyeshadows but I thought they were nice.

Of the ones that I've tried, the eyeshadows listed as duochromes have a very subtle highlight to them and aren't the overly dramatic duochromes that other indies offer.

Full Sized eyeshadows are listed at $5.99 which is right around the full sized cost of most other companies.

Eyeshadows can be purchased with both sifters or no sifters. The cost is the same.

Customer Service:
No personal experience here! My order went well so I had no need to contact!

The FAQ page states:
Turn around time is 1-4 business days, but may extend to 6 during sales. If your order is not shipped from our shop by then, you may request a refund for the full order amount, & your order will still be shipped within a reasonable amount of time.
It looks like they just had a sale because it also says:

Temporary 14-20 day TAT extension until I can finish my current sale orders
When I placed my order in November, I received a shipping notice the day after I placed the order and received it three days later.

Shipping for my order of samples was $0.99 in the US. I put a few full-sized eyeshadows in my cart and shipping was free!

Personal Thoughts:
Special note! This is mentioned on their FAQ page:
In order to prevent fraudulent charge-backs/PayPal disputes, I reserve the right to limit your first order to under $50. Once you've placed 2 or more orders, the limit will be lifted. Please contact me for any more details, or if you wish to make special arrangements at
Definitely something to keep in mind.

I had a good experience with Dark Heart Designs and would purchase again in the future. I'm pretty sad that a lot of things are listed as sold out. Dark Heart Designs doesn't post any swatches on their website, just cropped pictures of their shadows but they note in their FAQ that they share blogger swatches on their Facebook.

Have you heard of Dark Heart Designs before?

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  1. Nice review...just an update they have eye and lip swatches for some colors, Me and a few other ladies are still working on them, so hopefully all colors will be updated soon ��

    1. Thanks for the update! I can't wait to see your swatches!